About Us

About Us

What is PLUG?

P.L.U.G stands for Premium Lifestyle, Unlimited Gains. This innovative new platform is a loyalty program that connects our users with experiences of a lifetime by providing exciting and unique deals across more than 15 different industries and ensuring that our members gain as much value as possible. 

Our mantra and slogan “Connecting You with Experiences of a Lifetime, offers a preview of our goals and enthusiasm to become the leading online shopping platform. Our desire is to provide customers with experiences that cannot be acquired through their normal shopping routine.  We aim to create memorable experiences that is as lasting as the sun.

PLUG acts as a bridge between customers and businesses through one mobile app that gives you instant connection to exciting and exclusive events, deals and coupon offers that cannot be found anywhere else. PLUG is the ultimate shopping experience that offers convenience right in the palm of your hand. Once you get plugged in, you have access to all the features on PLUG. You can,

  • Become a VIP everywhere you go
  • Enjoy Special perks and rewards daily
  • Build Loyalty Points with your favorite brands
  • Save money while living the lifestyle you want
  • Enjoy special Access and perks for Events and Parties

Who can join P.L.U.G?

Our membership structure has different levels, Classic, Gold and Platinum. The levels are determined based on their monthly spending habits for engaging these services or products. Each tier comes with amazing perks that the regular customer cannot access. Our aim is to add value to all our customer’s experiences and make them feel special every time they take out their PLUG card.

How does it work?

Once you have subscribed to a membership plan you will get your own personalized PLUG access card delivered to the pick-up location of your choice within 5-7 working days. However, you can start experiencing the benefits right away; you can start purchasing  deals and event tickets and apply Extra Perks to your cart right away!

There are 4 main things that can be done with the PLUG Access card on a day-to-day basis.

- Buy a Deal

- Buy event tickets

- Claim coupons

- Get loyalty points and rewards.

To buy a deal, to do this you would login to your account, and go on the "Events and Deals" page to see which deal you are interested in and if any extra perks apply. Extra perks are additional savings that you apply to your cart before checkout. Purchases can be made by adding your credit card details and successfully checking out of your cart, after which you will receive redemption instructions that sent to your email. Items that you buy are automatically added to your card as well so you can use it to redeem/collect what you have bought.

For event ticket purchases, you would log into account and view the events you are interested in. After purchasing tickets are attached your card/app and the ticket QR codes are also sent to your email address for redemption.

To claim coupons: you can view the various options online and reserve/add coupons to your card (some coupons are limited) or you can just go directly to the affiliate location and present the card for them to tell you what is available and you can claim it then and there.

To get loyalty points and rewards, the beauty is that with just 1 card, you can use it at multiple participating locations after purchasing items and have them add the points towards your account. Points can later be used to claim rewards and special incentives.Each business operates an independent loyalty platform within the plug network, so loyalty benefits earned at one Affiliate cannot be used at another.

How do I get rewarded?

With PLUG you can be rewarded for doing a lot of things, primary among them is simply using your card. When you visit an Affiliate with a loyalty program you should present your card after or before your service to be issued with the loyalty benefits like points or digital stamp outs. You can also gain points by doing other things like:
Leaving a review for your favorite business
Redeeming coupons
Buying deals online
Uploading memories from events and experiences