1. What is PLUG?
    PLUG means, Premium Lifestyle Ultimate Gain. It is an ecommerce platform that allows persons to purchase various deals/coupons/tickets from different affiliates and event organizers

  2. How long has PLUG been operating?
    PLUG was established in 2020

  3. How can I become a member?
    Becoming a member is easy, go to the home page and click the option that says sign in, there you will see the feature to submit a request to become a member.

  4. How can I become an affiliate?
    To become an affiliate, you would need to send us an official email [email protected], to confirm what should be in the body of the email please contact us.

  5. How can I have Plug at my event?
    A number of criteria must be met in order to have PLUG at your event. To find out how, visit www.eventplug.com.

  6. If I don’t have an account can I still purchase items from  PLUG?
    In order to purchase an item from the PLUG, you must sign up as a member, this will enable you to redeem whatever you have purchased from our affiliates

  7. Can I pay for an item if I don’t have a credit card?
    Yes, we have options that allow you to make direct deposit to plug account. Once payment has been confirmed by plug an email confirmation will be sent to you.

  8. If I lose PLUG membership card what should I do?
    If you lose your membership card, please report this immediately. Be reminded that your PLUG member card works like any other debit/credit card once linked to your account. The PLUG with not be held liable for transaction that take place on unreported cards. See our security policy on how to proceed with lost/stolen card.

  9. I’m having issues with my account, what should I do
    If you are having issues with your account, please contact our customer service team and advise them of the issue that you are experiencing so they can troubleshoot and fix it. Email [email protected]

  10. I’m unable to log into my account
    We recommended refreshing your browser, or closing the app. If we are experiencing log in trouble with our website and/or app, a notification will pop up prompting you to provide us with a few minutes while we try to rectify the issue. If this notification does not pop up and you are still experiencing issues logging, please contact us via email or phone.

  11. I think my account has been hacked
    If you have suspected that activity is taking place in your account and it is not you report it immediately. We can remove whoever is currently in your account unauthorized and confirm what form of damage has been done if any. We urge that you keep all your log in details and security questions answers private.

  12. Can I get a refund for event tickets?
    Refund for tickets purchased are granted through the event organizer and the nature of the request, if you believe you rightfully deserve a refund for your ticket and the event organizer has denied this request please get in touch with us. Please see our refund policy for further details.

  13. Can I get a refund for deals purchased?
    Deals purchased are allowed a refund if not redeem, at the affiliate discretion, most affiliates will use it as a credit towards any other deals/coupons you would like to purchase from the same affiliate. However, this request must be made less than 30days after purchase, after which no refund or credit is possible

  14. How do I receive my ticket after I have purchased?
    Tickets purchased are sent in the form of a QR code, this code will be sent you your plug account, that you redeem at the specified event. Tickets are not mailed, or emailed to your email address, all tickets stay within your plug account

  15. How do I redeem my deals after purchased?
    Deals purchased are allotted to your plug account, in your plug wallet, the affiliate that you have purchased from you go to their establishment, or where they advised the coupon to be redeemed, advised them you have purchased a coupon and they will proceed to provide you with the services required

  16. Can I give someone my deal to redeem?
    Deals purchased in your name cannot be redeemed by someone else. Prior to purchasing you can gift your deal to someone, so it won’t be in your name. However once purchased in your name only you can redeem it

  17. Can an I purchase tickets from ambassadors using credit card?
    This option is only available to selected ambassadors for PLUG certified events, to confirm your ambassador location that accept credit card, please visit the event page on plug and look at the list of ambassadors, an icon will be present to confirm what type of payment is accepted

  18. Can I purchase deals from ambassadors?
    Unfortunately, you cannot purchase deals through ambassadors, you would need to be logged into you your plug account to purchase deals, this ensures that the affiliate has all the correct information to process your order

  19. How do I upgrade my membership?
    In your plug account, you will see an option that allows you to upgrade your membership, you can choose from the membership tiers which level you would like to upgrade to, you will get a confirmation email if it was possible to upgrade

  20. How do I cancel my membership?
    Please view our membership cancellation policy

  21. My account has been deactivated how do I reactivate it?
    To reactivate your account, you would need to get in touch with a plug customer care representative who will assist you in reactivating your account

  22. How are ticket price generated?
    Ticket prices are generated by the event organizer, this price is called the face value of the ticket. All additional fee after that are considered to be payment processing fee and service charge

  23. My computer shut down in the middle of the purchase, my card shows that the transaction went through, however I didn’t get a confirmation from the plug for what I bought
    Should this happen, please log out and refresh your account, if this doesn’t not fix cause your order to reflect in your wallet, for immediate response, please contact us or you can allow 24hrs for your account to be updated. If after 24 hrs. it is still not reflecting we ask that you give us a call

  24. My friend purchased my ticket and its in his name, can it be changed to my name?
    Unfortunately, no, once a ticket has been purchased in someone else’s name, they cannot change the name. I strongly recommend contacting the event organizer, to see how best they can resolve it. Their contact information can be found on their event page

  25. If the event has been cancelled or postponed, who do I contact as to what to do
    Should this happen, please visit the event organizer page, they would confirm what course of action will be taken for persons who have purchased tickets for the event. Should you have any additional queries re that event, please get in touch with the event organizer, contact details can be found on the event page

  26. I don’t see my question here
    Please contact us now

  27. My card was charged twice for the transaction, what do I do?
    Duplicated charges often time results in a refund within 24 to 72 hours, if this has not happened, we asked that you get in touch with us

  28. Changing your shipping address after a package has been shipped
    Please contact us to have this changed for you, please note this can only be changed if the product has not yet arrived at its original stated destination, after which you would have to collect from that address.

  29. Plug shipping cost
    Plug shipping cost is dependent on delivery location on the method in which you have chosen to receive your package, please see shipping pricing here

  30. Can I redeem a deal after the expiration date?
    This option is dependent on the affiliate, please read their fine details to see if this option is available for the deal that you have purchased

  31. How do I find the details for the deals?
    On each deal, once clicked, to the bottom of the page you will see an option that says more details

  32. How do I use a promo code?
    Upon checking out to pay for item, you will see a section that says enter promotional code. This code would have been sent to you from our affiliates

  33. How do I update or add new payment info?
    Go to your plug wallet and you will see your assigned cards to your account, click the option that says add/remove/update payment and billing information

  34. Can I change my information on my account any time I want?
    Some features on your account you are unable to change unless an official request is sent. Reason being, your basic information is what is used to confirm your order whenever you go to redeem a deal or an event entry